We know that brushing teeth is the basis for good oral hygiene. But do you put enough focus on flossing?

Flossing should be a lifelong companion to brushing your teeth. It is similar to brushing, as it removes plaque and food particles. However, flossing removes plaque and debris from places your brush cannot reach–the space between your teeth. Removing plaque and food debris from between teeth is not only important in order to have a smile that LOOKS healthy–it’s important in order to have a mouth that IS healthy.

To floss, take an 18” piece of single-filament dental floss that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance and wrap the ends of the floss around one finger on each hand. Leave enough to slide the floss in between your teeth. Use a careful back-and-forth motion to work the floss gently between your teeth. Floss around the entirety of each tooth, including the back molars!

Don’t let difficulty with the traditional flossing method stop you from cleaning between your teeth. There are alternatives that can be equally effective. Speak with your dentist about the possibility of using a dental pick, pre-strung flossers, or even a water-flosser! All of these alternatives can work for effective interdental cleaning.

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