If you want to fully recover following wisdom tooth extraction in Royersford, Pennsylvania, then it’s vital to take great care of your mouth and avoid complications as much as possible. Some complications that can occur following wisdom tooth extraction include:

-Dry socket: Dry socket is a common complication that occurs when a blood clot fails to form in the extracted tooth socket or when that blood clot has been dislodged. When this happens, you will experience severe pain and you will also notice a foul-smelling odor. To treat the complication, your dentist will medicate the socket.

-Paresthesia: Paresthesia is a rare complication that typically occurs when your oral nerves are damaged or bruised during your extraction. As a result, your tongue, lips, and chin become numb. You won’t be able to feel these parts of your body for days, weeks, or even months.

Your dentist, Dr. Jared Ayes, and our Transcend Dental team strongly recommend avoiding these complications as much as possible. If you need help doing so, we encourage you to call our office at 484.369.8625 at your earliest convenience. When you call, feel free to ask our friendly and helpful dental team any questions you have. We also invite you to schedule an appointment if you have any concerns about your recovery process following extraction. We look forward to helping you!