If you’re tired of your bad breath embarrassing you, you should be happy to know that the solution is simple. By adhering to a strong dental hygiene routine, you can kiss bad breath goodbye. Answer the five questions below to assess the state of your breath:

Do you rinse with mouthwash often? Using mouthwash will destroy bacteria in your mouth and mask your breath temporarily. Because this is just a temporary fix, you’ll need to deeply clean your mouth sooner or later with flossing and brushing.

Do you brush your teeth twice per day? The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice daily. If you have bad breath, brushing will help improve your breath by dislodging odor-causing food particles and plaque.

Do you floss every day? Alongside the recommendation to brush twice daily, the ADA recommends flossing between your teeth at least daily. Flossing will remove hard-to-reach debris that can cause plaque and bacteria build-up, which in turn create odors in the mouth.

Do you use a tongue scraper? Have you ever used a tongue scraper? These inexpensive tools remove odor-causing build-up from your tongue. Although we recommend tongue scrapers, brushing your tongue with your toothbrush can have the same effect.

Do you visit the dentist twice per year? Regular checkups are an important part of keeping your breath fresh. If you’re experiencing bad breath in Royersford, Pennsylvania, we can help you. Call us now at 484.369.8625 to schedule an appointment with our team at Transcend Dental!