Dental damage or an unflattering appearance can significantly affect the quality of a tooth, but our team is here to help you choose a dental restoration that can improve your smile. For example, you may find that a dental crown is the right choice because it can cover the whole tooth, starting at the gum line, to enhance strength and appearance. We offer some of the ways dental crowns help teeth that may not be compatible with other dental restorations.

Oftentimes, dental crowns are the best possible option for severe tooth damage because they cover the whole tooth, preserving its structure and allowing the tooth to maintain its function. Here are a few reasons why we may recommend a dental crown:

  • Teeth that have been broken into pieces may require dental crowns to hold the pieces together and maintain the strength and function of the tooth.
  • If a tooth has a large cavity and not enough healthy tooth structure to support a dental filling, a dental crown can bond the filling and tooth structure together.
  • Teeth that have received multiple dental treatments in the past can have previous work concealed by dental crowns, which can also strengthen the tooth structure if it has been weakened by past treatments.
  • Children with a high risk of cavities can receive dental crowns as a safe and effective preventive treatment to protect the natural tooth from bacteria.

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