1. A Badly Damaged Tooth Can Often Be Restored by a Root Canal

    Sometimes chips and fractures only affect the tooth enamel. However, there are cases when a severe blow to the face has caused so much damage that part of the internal structures of the tooth are lost. In a situation like this, your dentist might be able to restore the tooth by performing a root ca…Read More

  2. You Can Have the Smile You’ve Always Wanted from Invisalign®

    Many adults with minor imperfections in the alignment of their teeth forgo the awkward appearance of traditional metal wire and bracket braces. Instead of learning to live with your self-conscious smil,e you can now have the smile you’ve always wanted by using Invisalign®. Dr. Jared Ayes can fit…Read More

  3. Is Your Job Bad for Your Teeth?

    There are many jobs in the world that can be harmful to your chompers, which is why it’s best to think about your teeth and oral health each day while you are at work. If you keep your smile in mind, you will have a better chance at achieving the strong and successful oral health you deserve. Som…Read More

  4. A Missing Filling Needs Immediate Attention

    Even though fillings are meant to repair the full function of the tooth for a long time to come, most still have a finite lifespan. As a general rule of thumb, the larger and older a filling is, the more likely it is to fail or fall out of your mouth. If you find that you are missing a filling, you…Read More

  5. The Complications to Avoid Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction

    If you want to fully recover following wisdom tooth extraction in Royersford, Pennsylvania, then it’s vital to take great care of your mouth and avoid complications as much as possible. Some complications that can occur following wisdom tooth extraction include: -Dry socket: Dry socket is a commo…Read More

  6. Your Regular Dental Appointment

    Dr. Kalavadiya, Dr. Pulaski, and our team recommend that you and your child come in for a professional dental cleaning in Royersford, Pennsylvania, at least once every six months. Routine dental appointments allow our hygienist to thoroughly clean your teeth and for our dentists to examine your gum…Read More

  7. The Correct Technique for Brushing Your Teeth

    You’ve probably been told before that brushing your teeth is extremely important. You probably know that brushing is an essential part of maintaining your oral health—but did you know that there are a few areas most people can improve on? If you’d like to know more about these issues, please …Read More

  8. Diabetes and Your Oral Health

    Diabetes is one of the most widespread serious health concerns in the United States, affecting tens of millions of people. And a significant portion of them, up to one-third, don’t know they have it. Diabetes can dramatically impact one’s overall health, affecting everything from weight control…Read More

  9. Oral Hygiene and Dental Care: The Proper Ways to Clean Your Smile

    Your oral health is extremely important to Dr. Jared Ayes and our entire Transcend Dental team, which is why we ask you to take great care of your smile with the best oral hygiene routine possible. However, we know that oral hygiene can be tricky, especially because it’s only effective if you hav…Read More

  10. Fluoride Use Strengthens Your Teeth

    Our teeth are constantly under attack by harmful acid caused by plaque. And while our teeth have a well-equipped defense system in tooth enamel, it can weaken over time. Enamel doesn’t regrow once it is gone, but we can take steps to strengthen what we have. One simple thing you can do today is t…Read More